Armada Bangsa Service - January29, 2018

Work Permit Clearance

Documentation, preparation and submission of personnel

and manpower’s’ documents to respective local authorities


Sarawak Work Application


Letter of Guarantee


Immigration Clearance


Seaman Card Application

Work Permit Application

Armada Bangsa Services assist in a wide range of immigration services, providing specialist advice and legal assistance within Sarawak, Malaysia. Our clients include a wide range of people from high-ranking individuals to corporate clients. Our objective is to provide quality and efficient services to our client, so we seek to work with you on a one to one basis to ensure a result-oriented solution.

Our Services

We provide crew work permit servicing when it’s expired. We can help in renewing expired work permits by:

  • •  Applying for pertinent new work permit for both locals and foreigners

  • •  Letter of guarantee

  • •  Extension of Work Permit for Locals

  • •  Immigration Boarding Clearance Officer

  • •  Application for Certificate of Registry (COR) and seaman card

  • •  Sign in and off with marine/immigration department

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