Armada Bangsa Service - January29, 2018

Health, Safety and Environment

We provide a safe and secure location by adhering to the OSH operating procedures

Policy Statement

The Management also implements the Company’s HSE Policy requirements and shall maintain, improve, and monitor it closely. The system has been upheld to ensure that relevant information is available to all employees, client and public regarding the effects of the company’s activities and materials for the people’s safety and health and impact on the environment.

Health Safety and Enviroment Policy

Armada Bangsa Services Sdn Bhd is committed to take any and all possible actions to protect its employees, clients and others to prevent pollution, incidents and occupational illnesses throughout our operations by ensuring that:

  • • The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) considerations are given top priority over our other business considerations

  • • To comply with all applicable statutory laws and legal requirements that relates to environmental, health and safety hazards

  • • The best technology and practices are available to reduce the impact of our operations to the environment. Especially in regards to the efficient use of energy and materials, the minimization of waste and the prevention of pollution

  • • A systematic approach to HSE management is applied to achieve continual HSE performance and improvement. This includes setting strict HSE objectives and performing regular audits and reviews

  • • Our workplaces are designed to minimize the risks to people working on site and developing work practices to further reduce the risk as low as possible

  • • Our staffs and our contractors are competent in their jobs and can provide HSE training and awareness programs to manage HSE risks

  • • All employees, contractor, vendors, customers and visitors on our premises are to comply with our requirements at all times

Application Armada Bangsa Services Sdn Bhd policy emphasizes that every employee and official of the company are completely committed to achieving our ultimate HSSE target, which is ZERO ACCIDENT, ZERO INCIDENT, LESS POLLUTION AND MINIMUM WASTE.

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