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Our catering services can be tailored to meet the specialized requirements of your offshore/onshore locations – and your employees’ needs. Our culinary teams produce enticing menus with innovation, care and simplicity. We offer a tantalizing selection of authentic dishes from the west and the east.


We realize that our Foodservice has an impact on the health and well-being of the people we serve. Not only do we strive to provide delicious meals that are popular among our customers, but we also use the freshest ingredients to provide healthy, nutritious options. We work closely with the clients in order to compile and review suitable menus on a regular basis in order to bring variety and most importantly to prevent menu fatigue.


Most importantly, apart from ensuring the hygienic aspect of our food, we take the responsibility to ensure that the raw materials and the cooking process are HALAL compliance.


For vessels that supply runs out, they can get services from us , we always insisted on satisfaction and meet the existing standards for crew comfort. All goods supplied is the food supply has been certified safe and guaranteed quality of it.



We are able to offer a comprehensive range of marine consultancy services through our team of consultant surveyors (naval architects, marine engineers and master mariners) assisted by our in-house technical support team. All our consultant surveyors have the knowledge and wealth of experience to understand, and link, the many differing aspects of the shipping world day-to-day business. Our technical support team, accounting and administrative personnel assist greatly in enabling us to provide an efficient service to clients.