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Armada Bangsa
Lot 1740, Industrial Park Phase 3, Eastwood Valley, By Pass Miri Airport
Sarawak Miri 980000
Tel: +6085-432-224
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Monday: 8am-6pm
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Saturday: 8am-12pm
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Shipping Company In Malaysia

Armada Bangsa Services Sdn Bhd is a local company established in November 2012 in which our company is more focused on the Offshore, Shipping, Logistics, Marine Lay Up and provide quality marine products to the services required by the shipping companies and offshore companies. By adding more value service to clients / customers, we offer you a friendly port and marine services.

Through dedication and excellent staff, we guarantee a full release to the floating transport you to meet timelines pre arrival and upon departure. We are very competitive agency, every service we provide is fair and reasonable. Standardization and friendly work procedures have been established in our organization to meet your deadlines.

We provide an easy task, teamwork, knowledge sharp and accuracy of our operations to meet customer / client satisfaction. We exist to meet the demands of shipping and marine world.

We are proud to partner service providers your marine. We are proud to be one-stop shipping solution partners throughout Malaysia.

Our Company’s policy stated that all employees must complete an induction program upon their commencement with company. The employees are working in a safe working environment as well as providing an excellent quality of services.

Our company is registered with relevant Malaysian Government Authorities. Foods served are HALAL. The sound management system at very  in Compliance with OSHA and other relevant government requirement and supported by several department within Operation. With staff’s dedication by paying the highest rates in the same industry. Therefore, we are enable to provide experienced, skilled and motivate our customer’s staff.

The Management also implements the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy requirements and shall maintain and monitor programs aimed at continuous improvement. System has been maintained to ensure that relevant  information is available to all employees, client and public concerning the effects of the company’s activities and materials on the safety and health of people and impact on the environment.

Currently in force are the following Policy Statement to ensure the Health and Safety of the company’s employees, its customers, client in general.